Medical Cannabis Caregiver Q & A

Become a Member at the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Denver

So you’re getting a red card… Did you know that you can list a provider on your paperwork immediately to receive member benefits or discounts at a Colorado dispensary? Check out the facts below.

-What is a Colorado medical cannabis caregiver/primary center?

A caregiver/primary center is a dispensary that you have allowed to grow your medical marijuana plants for you (every Colorado medical patient is allowed six plants) In exchange for growing these plants for you most cannabis dispensaries will give you some sort of member benefit or discount. These discounts or benefits will vary from center to center.

-What does it mean to be a member somewhere?

Most medical pot dispensaries refer to patients who have named them as their primary center as “members”. If you are a member somewhere that usually means that you have assigned that center as your primary center/caregiver. You are not a member somewhere until you sign in as your caregiver.

-How long is someone my caregiver?

A patient is allowed to change their caregiver once every 30 days if they want to. They can also keep the same caregiver for an extended amount of time if they are happy with the services and benefits they are receiving- we have medical marijuana patients who have been a member of Cure Colorado for years. Most medical cannabis dispensaries will have paperwork to change your primary center/caregiver on site and will be happy to assist you.

-If I make a dispensary my caregiver does that mean I can’t grow medical pot plants at home?

No! The Colorado law states that when you name a center as your provider they are growing your medical marijuana plants supplementally for you, so in the event that you aren’t growing plants (or your plants do not produce enough medicine, you get a pest problem, etc) the center will supplementally supply medical marijuana to you. Basically, you can still grow your plants.

-Can I purchase at other medical marijuana shops if I am a member somewhere?

Absolutely! You can purchase at any medical cannabis shop in Colorado with your red card. If you are a member somewhere you will always get your member benefits at that facility and you will most likely pay regular “non-member” prices at other centers.

-What if I don’t know of a medical dispensary to list?

You have two options: 1) You can leave it blank and your card will come with no provider printed on it. This means no one is your caregiver. (Keep in mind that you cannot become a member while you are purchasing with paperwork so if you want member pricing somewhere right away you must list that center on your paperwork today), OR 2) We can help you find a medical weed dispensary to list on your paperwork today so you can get member prices as soon as you send your paperwork!

Some things to remember about your new paperwork:

-You must send your paperwork via certified mail BEFORE you go to purchase MMJ.

-You MUST have a certified mail receipt, copies of your physician certification and medical marijuana registry application and a valid id to purchase.

-Paperwork is good for 35 days from the date it was issued.

-Patients can only purchase with FIRST TIME, NEW applicant paperwork on Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm per state law. No paperwork purchases on the weekend or past 5pm.

-NO ONE can purchase with RENEWAL paperwork!

If You Need A Primary Center, We Would LOVE To Have YOU As A Member! Cure Is Located Off Yale & Monaco, About 1 mile East of I-25 & Yale In South Denver. We Have Provided Our Info Below If You Would Like To List Us on Your Card To Get Member Benefits!

Center Name: Cure Colorado Dept. of Revenue #402-00721 Address: 2000 E Yale Ave Apartment/Suite: Unit B City: Denver Zip Code: 80222 Phone Number:(720) 296-2857

*Only FIRST TIME Applicants Can Purchase With Paperwork! If You Make Us Your Center Today You Can purchase As Soon As You Send Your Paperwork At Our Discounted Member Prices!

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